About Us
New Bombay Mart was established in the year 1998. In fact the business exists since the last 25 years, during which we have been importing and distributing brassware products from India. Over the years we diversified our product range by importing from China also to meet the needs of our customers. Initially we imported religious items mainly but gradually innovated by bringing selected decorative items made of brass, wooden and decorative glass. Our products are made of high quality materials which are professionally sculptured and have a fine finish. The product range at New Bombay Mart is very wide and some of the items which are very popular in our shop are: Idols(God and Goddess), Door Knockers, Animals, Candle Holders, Planters, Oil Lamps, Lotas, Household Utensils, Book Stands, Coat Hangers, Key Hangers, Jesus Christ Cross, Decorative Wall Plates, Nauticals, Artificial Banana Leaves for wedding, etc.

We are actually situated in the city centre and our expansion has enabled us to have a modern shop which is well equipped to display all our products for customers to view and choose. You can always visit our shop and have a glance at our products while having a stroll in the city centre. Your visit will be most welcomed!